How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

While it varies by breed, a good rule of thumb is once per month. Excessive bathing can strip the natural oil from their fur, which can result in dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Breeds with coarse hair can stand to go a little longer than the silkier haired breeds. Regular brushing is recommended for all dogs – it helps get rid of the dust and debris that can build up in their coats, and keeps them more comfortable.

Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath

  • Make sure to check for ticks as you go through your daily brushing routine as ticks are commonly found throughout all regions of Michigan.
  • It’s best to use shampoo specifically formulated for dogs – human shampoo isn’t toxic to them, but can contain fragrances and other irritants that cause rashes and discomfort in dogs.
  • We recommend getting your puppy up to date on his vaccinations before taking him to the groomer for his first “Puppy Cut.”

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